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Welcome to Borematic Water Solutions. If you presently consume a big amount of water and are subject to expensive meter costs from your mains supplier, a borehole can save you a significant amount of money. It’s also a great option if you have poor water quality or an unpredictable supply.

Water Boreholes may supply safe, pure water directly to your property. Water boreholes, which are ideal for farms, camper parks, recreational facilities, and rural residences, allow you to become independent of mains water. Water boreholes allow you to obtain pure, natural water without the need of chemicals.

When you invest in a borehole for your property, whether commercial or residential, we will assist you in determining the feasibility of an installation as well as the possible cost savings based on your existing metered costs. We are able to assess how much water is available at a certain site and offer a estimated yield of water. Borehole drilling installation expenses can be completely repaid within two to three years for many heavy water consumers.


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