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Unfortunately, yes. We make every effort to locate water, but sometimes boreholes may come up dry. We still incur costs for the equipment, labor, and resources used in the drilling process.

The depth of a borehole can vary significantly depending on geological conditions. While we estimate based on prior experience in the area, the exact depth is unpredictable. We aim to strike water while drilling, and the depth may be deeper or shallower than expected.

We do our best to maintain a clean work area, but drilling can be messy due to dust, rocks, mud, sand, and water used during the process. While we don’t remove drilling chips, we make efforts to contain them in one area and minimize environmental impact.

Borehole maintenance typically includes periodic inspections, pump servicing, and water quality testing. We offer post-drilling support and can provide guidance on maintenance to ensure your borehole continues to function optimally. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your borehole system.

Water Borehole Construction